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Our Story

     Taylor Made Cuisine (TMC) is a catering company that was establish in April 2014. TMC has catered over 100+ events such as weddings, anniversary, birthday parties, corporate events, receptions, ceremonies, trainings and many more. We provide different styles such as plated dishes, buffet and family style to cater to your event. Chef Tay created a style called Neo-Soul Food. Neo-Soul food is new healthier way of eating your comfort food. TMC are true believers in farm to table dining and the idea of your food begin your medicine. Food is designed to heals your mind, body and soul! 


We are so proud of our success throughout the years and have been able to cater to so many beautiful people. We have done business with Zo Williams "Zo What Show" at Dash Radio & RadioTV, Mayor Garcetti "Friday Night Lights", Robert Hill Gallery, Smart Not Hard Productions, Millennium Kid Productions, Divo Productions, and Teagen Productions to name a few. 


We pride our self on excellent customer service and making sure our clients have an amazing experience. 

TMC encourage you to look through our menu, check out our gallery and social media.

If there are any questions or concern, please feel free to contact us!


Thank You in advance! 

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